Commercial Cleaning

We have been providing top of the line commercial carpet cleaning for over 30 years. At Apke Total Restoration we take pride in having our clients for the long term. Here are just some of our satisfied clients:

  • Xavier University Since 1987

  • US Bank Since 1988

  • Group Health Associates Since 1992

  • Towne Properties Since 1994

  • Sycamore Senior Center Since 2005

  • Mason Christian Village Since 2006

"Apke may not have invented "Customer Service", but they've perfected it.  Apke not only got every trace of the grease out, but sent someone within 24 hours before the stains had time to set. You can't go wrong with Apke."

-Coldwell Banker West Shell

 “My personal experience with Apke Carpet Care ranges from "Hey, John, I need my carpets cleaned Wednesday because I am having a big party on Saturday. Great! See you then!" to "John! HELP! My water heater burst and my finished basement is flooded!" Always responsive, professional and reliable...Thanks John!”

-Sibcy Cline Realtor