Water Damage Restoration

What to do in case of water damage?

Saftey First

If water is in the walls or celing, turn off electricity and remeber that soaked ceilings may fall. Also, use caution on wet, slippery surfaces.

Water Damage

Elminate the water source

Know where your water shut-off valves are, or contact a plumber.

Remove personal belongings and furniture

Most water damage is not weather related! Toilet overflows, broken washing machine supply lines, faulty plumbing and other indoor accidents cause the majority of floods. Apke Total Restoration is here to help!

Remove water

Water needs to be removed from the carpet, walls, and floors, then treated to stop mildew and mold growth.  Apke has truck-mounted extraction equipment to remove as much standing water as possible.   These structures may need to be dried with special equipment to insure a healthy environment. If the drying process is started quickly, damage can be minimized. Apke will minimize the damage and ensure a healthy living envirornment.

"John Apke came promptly the day we experienced a small flood after a sewage line backup in our finished basement. He and a team member extracted the water, removed wet padding, dried and removed the damaged carpet in our finished basement. I really appreciated how quickly he came, the effectiveness of their service, their cleanup, and professional manner. We needed them to return to help us again when we had a minor flood, and again, they were prompt, courteous and their work was effective. They will be my go-to water restoration company if we ever have a similar problem"

Our water damage restoration process

– Survey using non-invasive meters and infrared camera

– Assess the situation, find out whats dry and what needs to be taken care of

– Perform a carpet extract (with our carpet cleaning unit)

– Set up drying equipment(state of art Dehumidifiers and Blowers) to quickly dry your carpet and structure.

– Use special equipment to dry your Home – Hardwood Floor Drying Equipment, Heat Aided Drying and Cavity Drying Equipment