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Apke Total Restoration’s primary focus is to create a safe and healthy environment for your property. Family-owned and operated, we value every customer. Apke takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry, which is why we are a 5-star Google rated company. Dating back to 1987 Apke has cleaned some of the most reputable Cincinnati establishments.

These properties range from commercial offices, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, single-family rentals, and much more! By creating a 1-1 relationship with our customers we can cater to your specific needs. Whether we are dealing with carpet, tile and grout, general cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you can trust Apke to provide a 5-Star service.

Reach out to our team to connect with carpet cleaners, obtain upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, air duct cleaning, and more in Cincinnati OH.

Our Cincinnati carpet cleaners can certainly do a fantastic job and conduct steam cleaning, clean carpets, and more without using harsh chemicals.

In addition, we offer mold removal, odor removal, flood damage, emergency water restoration and more in greater Cincinnati Ohio.


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How Do We Help?

We are a commercial carpet cleaning company that provides commercial cleaning services for commercial buildings like public offices, hospitality and hotel rooms, schools, and residential apartments.

We understand carpets are more than decorative materials in your home. They are helpful floor insulators and floor covers, versatile, and provide aesthetics; hence, they need delicate and professional care.


What services do we offer in Cincinnati Ohio?

We offer professional carpet cleaning services by targeting stains, allergens, pollutants, dirt, and dust using advanced, eco-friendly. Our team will use high-quality cleaning compounds, materials, and equipment to ensure your carpet is as good as new—maintaining the color and appearance.

Our carpet cleaning company offers regular and deep carpet cleaning for all carpet types. Routine cleaning involves minor dirt removal and maintenance procedures to improve the appearance, while deep cleaning is a total remediation procedure for significantly damaged carpets.

Our carpet cleaning company offers one or more carpet cleaning methods ranging from carpet shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, steam or hot water extraction, encapsulation, and bonnet cleaning.



How We Provide Unique Value

We provide long-lasting carpet cleaning effects through our approach and techniques.

Our cleaning company possesses high-tech carpet cleaning equipment to remove stains and dirt from your carpets, providing a long-lasting cleaning effect, unlike your day-to-day self-cleaning that produces a marginal difference.


We remove years of stains, grime, and dirt on your carpet

Irrespective of the years of damage or dirt, we are fully equipped to remove these stains and transform your carpet into its original bright appearance. This allows our clients to use carpets while maintaining their color and appearance.


Protect your apartment units from the spread of diseases, mildew, and mold

Carpets are a significant culprit of allergies as they trap dirt and dust.

Unfortunately, they are also perfect brewing conditions for fungus like molds and mildews and can be responsible for the unpleasant smell found in most homes. Our cleaning company will ensure your carpets do not entrap these allergy-causing agents, providing a healthier environment in your residential and commercial homes.


We improve the physical appearance of your carpet

Carpets are decorative materials that provide beauty and comfort to the home. Unfortunately, years of use and poor maintenance can cause its appearance and color to diminish; our cleaning service will improve the physical appearance of these damaged carpets, thereby beautifying your home.


Preserve your carpet’s value in Cincinnati OH

Our cleaning company understands that carpets can make a difference, and we strive to ensure they are preserved. Remember that we offer not just cleaning but maintenance services.


We save you time, effort, and money in cleaning your carpet in Cincinnati OH

Rather than self-cleaning your carpets, our cleaning companies offer our services, saving you productive time and energy. This allows you to channel your time into other productive measures while we clean your carpets.

Recommend carpet cleaning procedures and tips: Besides offering carpet cleaning services, our company also recommends carpet maintenance hacks and tips.

Timely cleaning services: We pay respect to time. Every request for cleaning by our clients is answered in a timely fashion. You no longer have to wait for a team of expert cleaners to be dispatched to your place of work.

Regardless of your carpet’s type or size, our cleaning company can maintain and prolong it, keeping it fresh and up to par.


Family Owned Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration Company

Apke Total Restoration is a family-owned and operated business. Since we were founded in 1987, customer service has been our number 1 focus. All of our services, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning,  flooding clean up, or tile and grout cleaning — We provide a satisfaction guarantee to ensure a good experience for every customer.

In our 33 years of serving the Greater Cincinnati Area, Apke has developed specialized techniques and procedures to ensure our clients an excellent outcome. 

For example, we have been using the same pretreatment for carpet cleaning for nearly 30 years.  This product is more expensive than most formulas but the cleaning results are what count. 

Secondly, we rinse with hot water with every cleaning.  This removes all of your dirt and our pretreatment, leaving your carpet as clean and soap-free as possible.  Finally, we dry your carpet with an extra dry stroke with our wand.  This extra step assists in drying the carpets, preventing other potential problems with wet carpets.  In addition to our cleaning methods, Apke is able to remove many difficult spots including red wine, doggie puddles, gum, ink, and many other spots on your carpet.

Our customers know that we are professional carpet cleaners, are locally owned, and minimize the use of harsh chemicals in our carpet cleaning and general cleaning process.

If you need your carpets cleaned or require restoration promptly in Cincinnati Ohio or surrounding areas, reach out to our team at Apke today.

Notable Partners

  • Xavier University Since 1987

  • Cushman & Wakefield Since 2011

  • Group Health Associates Since 1992

  • Towne Properties Since 1994

  • Federal Home Loan Bank Since 2000

  • Mason Christian Village Since 2006


I’ve used Apke for both domestic water and sewer backup water damage extraction and restoration at multiple locations. Compared to “franchised” competitors I have used in the past, Apke is more reasonable cost-wise and more flexible in accommodating the landlord’s needs for minimizing physical damage usually associated with significant water intrusion occurrences. Also, very good response times in emergency situations. I highly recommend Apke Total Restoration!

Google Review

I have dealt with Apke for over 2 decades, most recently due to a tornado that struck my house. They are prompt fair and go the distance to make sure things get done right and quickly. As the house continued to take on water they responded many times to contain the damage. I cannot say enough good things about Apke Total Restoration.

Google Review

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