Oriental Rug Cleaning

Tips to take care of your oriental rug:

-Rotate once per year so the wearing is even on the rug

-Keep a quality padding under the rug

-Beating the rug by hanging it up outside in the dry weather and beting with a paddle several times on each side

-Vacuuming regularly

-Spray with a moth deterrent to prevent moths from damaing the fringes

-Have them professional cleaned every 1-2 years


Our 7 step oriental rug cleaning process will help preserve your rug, not only your lifetime, but for future generations as well

Oriental Rug

(1) Analyze the rug

(2) Assess what needs to be done

(3) Vacuum with out specialty vacuum

(4) Clean

(5) Spot

(6) specially clean the fringes

(7) Vacuum again