Commercial Rug Cleaning – Cincinnati Ohio

Apke Total Restoration’s primary focus is to create a safe and healthy environment for your property. Family owned and operated, we value every customer. Apke takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry, which is why we are a 5-star Google rated company.  Dating back to 1987 Apke has cleaned some of the most reputable Cincinnati establishments.

These properties range from commercial offices, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, single family rentals and much more! By creating a 1-1 relationship with our customers we can cater to your specific needs. Whether we are dealing with carpet, tile and grout, general cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you can trust Apke to provide a 5-Star service.

Apke Total Restoration will clean your commercial rugs using our state of the art machinery and equipment. You can also choose the option to have Apke pickup the rugs from your property, bring them back to our cleaning facility and perform a more advanced clean. The steps to our cleaning process are outlined below. 

Steps to performing commercial rug cleaning:

  1.  Analyze the rug.
  2. Assess what needs to be performed.
  3. Vacuum with our specialty commercial vacuum.
  4. Steam clean with our state of the art machines.
  5. Spot clean any areas that need special attention. 
  6. Specially clean the fringes (most technical step of the process).
  7. Vacuum again.

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Tips to take care of your oriental rug:

-Rotate once per year so the wearing is even on the rug

-Keep a quality padding under the rug

-Beating the rug by hanging it up outside in the dry weather

-Vacuuming regularly

-Spray with a moth deterrent to prevent moths from damaing the fringes

-Have them professional cleaned every 1-2 years

Advantages of Commercial Rug Cleaning:

  1. Restores the look.
  2. Removes any dirt and dust.
  3. Creates a cleaner space and cleaner air in the environment including allergens. 
  4. Helps the rug last longer. 

Recent Testimonials

“I’ve used Apke for both domestic water and sewer backup water damage extraction and restoration at multiple locations. Compared to “franchised” competitors I have used in the past, Apke is more reasonable cost-wise and more flexible in accommodating the landlord’s needs for minimizing physical damage usually associated with significant water intrusion occurrences. Also, very good response times in emergency situations. I highly recommend Apke Total Restoration!”

“I have dealt with Apke for over 2 decades, most recently due to a tornado that struck my house. They are prompt fair and go the distance to make sure things get done right and quickly. As the house continued to take on water they responded many times to contain the damage. I cannot say enough good things about Apke Total Restoration.”

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