Residential Carpet Cleaning - Cincinnati Ohio

As a family owned business we take pride in carpet cleaning and understand the importance of it. The benefits of having your carpets steam cleaned go far beyond it just looking nice. It improves the air quality in the house and your overall health. 

Family owned and operated since 1987, quality service is our #1 priority. We understand every customers situation is different. Our certified and highly trained technicians identify your needs and come up with the best solution to apply to your carpets.

Once we're finished with our cleaning, your carpets will be free of dust, stains, odors and allergens. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the deepest clean in the industry.

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Cleaner AND Safer

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, our 4 step carpet cleaning process removes all the soil and chemicals from your carpet. We pretreat the carpet, then extract with only steam and hot water, rather than using chemicals in the cleaning solution. We remove both your soil and our pretreatment leaving the carpet clean and safe. Other companies simply apply their chemical solution, which often times ends up leaving behind chemicals and soil.  After cleaning, we will spot cleaning the carpet with our specialty spotters to remove any of the stubborn stains. Finally we dry vacuum the carpet to remove any excess water to improve the drying time.

“Apke may not have invented “Customer Service”, but they’ve perfected it.  Apke not only got every trace of the grease out, but sent someone within 24 hours before the stains had time to set. You can’t go wrong with Apke.”
Angie's List Customer

“We had several stains that I was sure were permanent and they were able to remove them. We were very pleased and will definitely use them again!”
-Angie's List Customer