Oriental rugs are hand-knotted carpets made out of wool on a loom. Ornate designs are woven into them by knotted 

Keep it clean
Vacuum or sweep your rug regularly but be gentle! Only use the suction when vacuuming since the roller brush can pull out the fibers of your rug and ruin it. Over time, the fibers in your rug will pack down (especially in a high traffic area), and vacuuming it helps keep your rug soft and fluffy.
Avoid sunlight
Sunlight causes your rug to fade because it dries the oils in the fiber. This drying causes your rug to be brittle and easily damaged. If your rug gets regular sunlight, check to make sure sun damage isn’t affecting it. If you start to see fading on the edges of the pile, a good deep clean might be able to salvage the rest of the rug.
Just like a mattress, you should periodically rotate and flip your Oriental rug. This will avoid your rug being worn down only in certain areas and is especially helpful in high-traffic areas like a hallway.