Rodents can cause fire damage


Last week, Apke was called on a large water loss in the Blue Ash Area.  After initial inspections, Apke removed the heavily water damaged ceiling in the kitchen.   The toilet above leaked and flooded the first floor.

Mice Damage Results

What we uncovered was worrisome.  A few years prior, the homeowners had mice in the kitchen ceiling.  Before  the owners had evicted the rodents, a mouse had chewed through the vinyl coating of an electrical wire.  If not for the water loss,  these exposed wires would continue to  arc and would have started  a fire.

In Conclusion,  the water loss was a blessing in disguise.   The water damage exposed a potential life threatening house fire.

Mice  and other rodents are not your friends

In conclusion, any rodent, chipmunk, squirrel or mouse,  in your home should be evicted immediately.   In addition to  fire hazards,  they also carry diseases.   Usually a professional is the best bet for removal.




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