Basement leaks can be tedious and time-consuming to deal with. You constantly have to deal with flooding, pest infections, and mold growth. This can happen all year round due to melting snow in winter and rainfall in spring.

Repairs caused by a basement leak can be costly and time-consuming. That is why you need to deal with the leaks before they cause damage. This guide will discuss stopping basement leaks and drying a wet basement for good. These are strategies that will permanently fix the issue of a damp basement.

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Strategies to permanently fix basement leaks and dry a wet basement

Here are a couple of aspects to think about when looking at basement waterproofing and ensuring that you have a dry basement floor. These tips will help you spring into action when you notice a basement leak within your house and account for issues with basement walls and more in the Cincinnati OH area.

Identify the source of the problem

There are two sources of water or moisture in wet basements. One is from condensed indoor humidity, the other is water that comes from outside. Water from melting snow, rain or the soil can leak into your basement through cracks or in the form of water vapor.

To know the cause, attach an aluminum foil to your basement wall and observe it after a few days. Moisture on the surface of the foil means indoor humidity is the cause. Moisture behind the foil indicates a leaking basement.

Fix leaks in the basement and foundation

You can fix basement leaks by insulating the walls. This will prevent condensation and reduce your energy consumption in cold climates. If the water is coming from outside, you should also fix that, or you will have a mold problem.

You can prevent water from coming through the foundation by patching them with hydraulic cement. You can also use other tips in this guide.

Remove excess humidity 

The other step is to get rid of the sources of excess humidity. Tape leaky dryer vents with foil tape to stop unwanted moisture from entering the basement. Duct tape is a bad alternative as it will fall off eventually. Insulate cold pipes with foam pipe insulation.

Use a vent fan in your basement bathroom to keep the air flowing. During humid weather, keep the windows closed. If these methods don’t work, use a dehumidifier to control indoor humidity.

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Make your basement waterproof

Apply waterproofing materials like paint to plug the pores in your walls and prevent water from getting in. Only apply these materials to masonry walls or bare concrete. Begin by stripping the wall clean with a wire brush.

Then use a masonry cleaner to wipe off any white powdery “efflorescence.” Then follow the instructions that came with the waterproofing material. Make sure you apply an even and liberal coat on every inch of the wall. When the first coat dries, add a second.

Install a drainage system on your property

If you keep having problems with basement leaks, you should install a drainage system. The drainage system uses a tube, a pump, and a sump basket. You can attempt to install the system yourself, but it will be a lot of physical labor.

You might also make a lot of amateur mistakes. Hire a professional at Apke to deal with this matter. An alternative is installing a sump pump. There are many good DIY guides online. At the same time, if you have need of further assistance with sump pump matters, basement walls, basement floor situations, leaky basement problems in the Cincinnati OH area, reach out to our team today.

Use drainage mats to keep your floors warm and dry in Cincinnati OH

Drainage mats like the dimple or plastic varieties will promote airflow under the flooring and prevent moisture from reaching the floor.

They will also create an insulating layer of air that keeps the cold concrete separate from the floor. This prevents the moisture damage that happens when water vapor penetrates hard concrete.

Inspect your foundation

Suppose you regularly have issues with wet basements or live in a climate with much humidity. In that case, you should inspect and make notes on your foundation.

The items you need are a tape measure, 4-ft. Level and a notepad. Draw a sketch of your house and yard on the notepad. Next, use the 4-ft. level to measure the slope of the ground surrounding your foundation.

Focus on areas with sunken soil, garden beds with protruding edgings, and ground that slope toward the foundation. Make notes on the sketch of your house in the notepad and indicate the ground slopes with arrows. This will give you a clear idea of how water flows to the foundation and how to redirect it.

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Divert water away from your foundation

Constant heavy rains and melting snow can create small pools and runoffs around your foundation. These runoffs can merge into a moat that flows directly to your foundation wall.

Water or moisture can leak into your basement through that. Create a 6-ft.-wide slope with a 4 in. drop away from your foundation to deal with the issue.

You can also cover the hill with a 6-mil poly layer. Cover the poly with gravel, a layer of grass or mulch. You can also add gutters to deal with heavy rainfall.

Hire a professional basement and foundation service

These tips are sure to help you deal with a basement leak. However, not everyone might be able to apply them.

Many people simply do not have the time because of a wide variety of concerns and matters in the Cincinnati OH area.

Some do, but the strategies here can require more effort than they can provide. If you fall into those categories, hire a professional basement and foundation service to deal with the issue. They can help you permanently fix leaking basements and foundations, repair structural instability, crawl space moisture, and other related problems.

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