Don’t Let a Flooded Home Ruin Your Vacation This Summer!

A pinhole leak under the sink caused floor and drywall damage throughout the kitchen and dining room. But some simple precautions let you keep your post-vacation relaxation.

Imagine coming home from a restful and relaxing vacation to find ruined carpet and flooring. It didn’t have to happen. Take these steps to ensure you’re as relaxed and calm after you get home as you were while you were on vacation. 


PREVENT ELECTRICAL FIRES AND SUBSEQUENT WATER DAMAGE. TAKE 10 MINUTES TO UNPLUG ANY ELECTRIC DEVICES YOUR HOME DOESN’T NEED WHILE YOU’RE AWAY. You don’t want a call from your neighbors telling you the fire department just arrived, and you don’t want to come home to a wet and charred home. Of course you may want to leave some lights on – that’s ok – as long as there is nothing flammable close to them. An added benefit – you’ll save some on utilities that month and lower the risk that any power surges short out the new big screen smart TV!


EASY TO DO, AND CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS. Turn off the water main valve to your home before you leave. Most homes have a valve in the basement, right where the water main comes into the house. If one of my clients had done that, a pinhole leak wouldn’t have resulted in ruined floors, furniture and drywall – as well as a huge water bill.


ONCE YOU’VE TURNED OFF YOUR WATER, FLUSH EACH TOILET IN THE HOUSE. Toilet tanks may not hold much water, but they can cause lots of damage. A leaking second floor toilet can cause costly damage downstairs as well as upstairs.


BEFORE HEADING ON VACATION, YOU HAD YOUR CAR AND TIRES CHECKED, RIGHT? DO THE SAME FOR YOUR SUMP PUMP. Make sure the pump is running, the floating switch is operating freely, the check valve is working and there are no leaks or restrictions in the pipes. If you have any questions, have a plumber visit and check things out. It is a great investment that can prevent thousands of dollars in damages.

Follow these tips this summer and those memories of a great family vacation won’t be ruined by the nightmare of a flooded home!