Furniture Cleaning 

Our Proven Process of Cleaning your Upholstery

Furniture transforms a house into a home. It’s where you spend time as a family, whether it’s lounging on the couch to catch up on the latest shows, sitting on an armchair to read books or snuggling with your favorite pets. Because your furniture is right there with you as you make memories, the number of stains, crumbs, and hair that collects on your upholstery can make it look worn and frankly, uninviting to guests. Even when there aren’t visible stains, upholstery attracts and absorbs dust and bacteria, which wears it out and lowers air quality.
The good news is that Apke has years of high-quality furniture cleaning experience. Our skilled technicians know how to deal with all kinds of upholstery including leather, microfiber, velvet, and jacquard and will use safe methods to clean your furniture and remove all types of stains. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers and that no damage will be inflicted on your furniture. {Company name} is equipped with the right tools and steps to extend the life of your furniture and make it sparkle like new again. Our process includes:

Furniture Inspection

Our highly trained technicians will perform tests to determine the fabric and proper cleaning solution. If there are any stains, we will note it and address it during our spot cleaning.

Area Preparation

We will prepare the upholstery for furniture cleaning and protect the surrounding area from any possible damage from the cleaning solution.


Your upholstery will be vacuumed to remove any dry particles like dust, crumbs or dirt, especially in crevices and cracks. We use a high-powered vacuum that’s tough on dirt and gentle on your upholstery.

Spot clean

Sometimes, stubborn stains need extra attention. We will pre-treat any stains with a special solution designed to breakdown any grime.
Upholstery Soil Extraction
The furniture cleaning begins with a gentle scrubbing to extract dirt from the upholstery fabric. To extend the life of your upholstery and guard against future stains, talk with our technician about adding an upholstery protector to your cleaning.

Post Spot Cleaning

After the cleaning is complete and stains or troubled spots still exist, a specialized stain removal product will be applied.

Drying Prep

Your upholstery will be prepared for drying with a gentle combing of the fabric.

Speed Dry

Our high-velocity dryers will dry the fabric quickly, so you can go back to being a couch potato. Usually, it takes a couple of hours for upholstery to dry, but that depends on the fabric. Items with fillings like cushions and pillows may take longer.

Post Upholstery Cleaning Inspection

Our expert technicians will inspect the cleaned product in detail to ensure that we have met the cleaning standards.
Experts recommend cleaning your upholstery at least once a year to maintain its longevity and improve air quality in your home. You can make an appointment for furniture cleaning by calling 513-541-1900-or Filling out the online form.

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