TIME:  Effective cleaning requires time. Apke technicians take time to pre-treat your carpet, separating the soil from the carpet fibers. Time allows the cleaning agents the opportunity to work. Apke will spend more time with heavily soiled areas,and double the time by pre-treating and cleaning again – just to get it right.

TEMPERATURE: Water temperature is important. Generally, the hotter the water, the better the cleaning results.  Apke water is heated to 180 degrees, F., and Apke techs are trained to adjust the temperature to meet different fabric requirements, to protect as well as clean.

MECHANICAL ACTION:  Agitation, friction, and water pressure all provide a driving force to separate the soil from the fibers of your carpet. Apke uses 500 pounds per square inch (psi) to break up the soil and increase cleaning effectiveness and efficiency.

CHEMICAL ACTION: Adding special cleaning agents to the water enhances the effectiveness of mechanical action. For 25 years, Apke has used a proven pre-treatment that separates the soil from the carpet with maximal results. And if tough stains persist, Apke techs have a wide selection of special spot treatment compounds at their disposal.
SOIL REMOVAL: Once the soil is separated from your carpet’s fibers, it must be removed. Apke uses truck-mounted industrial vacuums in the final stage of cleaning to remove all the dirty water that would otherwise redeposit on your carpet. This final vacuum treatment leaves your carpet clean and fresh.

Some situations demand advanced cleaning techniques. While it’s rare to use them in a residential situation, Apke has used these in scientific, technical, and industrial environments where a variety of surfaces can and do become contaminated.

Some of Apke’s specialty cleaning methods using the above factors

ULTRASONIC CLEANING: Sound waves agitate a liquid that can be used to remove contaminants from solid surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaning has the advantage of not requiring disassembly prior to cleaning. It can be done with water alone, or with a special solvent. This technique works well on metals, plastics, rubber, and ceramics that are coated with a number of hard-to-clean contaminants like dust, oil, pigments, rust, algae, mold, limescale, polishing compounds, flux agents, fingerprints, blood, and other biological fluids.

DRY ICE BLASTING: This specialty process is especially effective in removing smoke residue from large metal surfaces.  It cleans surfaces using dry ice in a similar way sand is used in sandblasting. This method is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-flammable, and non-toxic. It minimizes employee exposure to hazardous cleaning agents and leaves no residue. The only follow-up required is sweeping up or vacuuming any of the dirt or soil dislodged by the treatment.

As you can see, effective floor cleaning is a science and you can rest assured Apke technicians use all their knowledge to customize the very best cleaning solution for your home.

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